I enjoy doing sports; in particular (beach) volleyball, bootcamp, and running.

I'm very good at volleyball... in my imagination. In real life though, my pass isn't always fully in control, and my smash isn't always that powerful. But I like this sport a lot, especially in summer when beach volleyball replaces indoor volleyball and I can get a nice tan while playing.

I also do bootcamp, an outdoor fitness program with a lot of playful aspects. It reminds me of playing outside when I was a child. The only difference is that we don't climb in trees anymore (although I wouldn't mind to do so sometimes).

And then there is this other sport for which regular practice visibly pays off: running. The more miles you run, the fitter you become, it's as easy as that! I started running when I was a teenager and wanted to lose some kilos. There was no reason to do so, but it means that by now I've been running for over half of my life. Currently I run because I just love it. I know that the activity itself is rather boring, and that the weather circumstances aren't always ideal, and that it's not very good for my ankles and knees, but it gives me such a feeling of freedom to step out the door and run for an hour. To run and only hear the sound of my steps and my breathing.

I occasionally join running events. My favorite one is the Batavierenrace in which I participated seven times. In 2014, I achieved new personal best times for the following distances:

  • 5km: 0h22m26s
  • 10km: 0h47m15s
  • 10EM (16.09km): 1h23m03s

For the year of 2015, my goal was to run 1000km, and I made it on December 30th! In 2016 I ran my first half marathon, after which I decided to take it a little bit easier...

Running goal 2015